VanderVecken (xthread) wrote,

The chances of anything coming from Earth...

INN would like to extend its congratulations to the National Air and Space Administration and the United States Department of Defense on their successful test of the third generation Mars Incursion Vehicle. Named Victory, the test vehicle is believed large enough and resourceful enough to be the keystone weapon in a future invasion of the Red Planet. While previous Incursion Vehicles have been blown of course or destroyed by Martian point defense efforts, Victory supports a fast and agile landing system that can evade Martian defenses. Once on the ground, Incursion Vehicles can deliver energy and projectile weapons at close range, and crush many surface features and structures.

We are confident that the Pentagon is entirely prepared to mass-produce Victory-type Incursion Vehicles, and the spoils of our planetary neighbor will soon be enriching the Empire of Earth.

With Interstellar Network News, I'm Helmuth Smith. Hail Terra!
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